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ASER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L. is a company that offers professional solutions and services related to information technology. Our staff, highly trained to carry out their work, is made up of some of the best technicians in the sector, their technical experience and good treatment being, without a doubt, the main guarantee for a quality service.

ASER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L. It also considers the importance of the information it manages as well as the assets and work methods applied. Comprehensive security in an organization must encompass not only physical and operational security, but also information security, cybersecurity, information technology security, network security, business continuity, as well as any another relevant area or function whose objective is corporate protection against potential damages. This reason has led ASER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L. to implement and maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Quality, which allow guaranteeing customers and suppliers the security of protection of shared information, as well as offering them a quality service.

ASER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L. establishes its Quality Policy that is based on the practice of the following values:

Responsibility: Ensuring that business activities are carried out within the framework of sustainability and accountability to stakeholders and to society as a whole.

Customer Orientation: Provide maximum compliance with the requirements and exceed the expectations entrusted to the company by customers and interested parties, also ensuring the information they provide us.

Professionalism: Provide the highest technical and personal knowledge for all the projects entrusted to us by our clients.

Confidentiality: Take maximum caution in the use of entrusted data that may be used for illegitimate purposes.

Safety: Comply with applicable requirements: Contractual, regulatory and other specified. This policy aims to set the guidelines to guarantee the Confidentiality of the information, the Integrity of the information and the Availability of the information

Integrity of the person: Provide people with a decent work environment and individual development for optimal performance of their abilities in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

Infrastructure: The authorization and management of equipment, applications and precise technological tools that guarantee the preservation and custody of information.

Continuous improvement: Have a real commitment to continuous improvement and effective management of business processes.

Profitability: Ensure the economic and financial viability of the company as a result of achieving business objectives and improving productivity.

The management will establish, within the General policy of ASER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L. the plans and resources necessary to achieve the objectives established in this policy. ASER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L. is committed to promoting an understanding and dissemination of our policy within our organization, through training and continuous communication with our workers and collaborators. This Policy provides a frame of reference to establish and review the objectives of the Quality and Information Security system, being communicated to the entire Organization, exposed to all interested parties and reviewed annually for its adequacy when deemed necessary.


In Madrid on June 1, 2023

Managing Director