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SAP Customers Overwhelmingly Embrace the Cloud

Nearly all SAP users (84%) currently use cloud-based services, and organizations use this environment to facilitate scalability (62%), reduce costs (55%) and increase flexibility (53%). These customers also anticipate using fewer resources to maintain systems (51%).

Fifty percent of SAP customers who do not yet use cloud services expressed their intention to do so in the future (48%). These users plan to integrate cloud services into their organizations within the next four years. More than one-third of SAP customers who do not use these services (35%) are unaware or unsure of their organization’s plan for these services. These customers require further assistance in crafting a cloud strategy as they seek to empower their businesses by migrating to the Cloud. Only 17% of SAP users who do not currently use these services stated that they do not intend to migrate to the cloud. They cited security concerns and lack of readiness to integrate their organization with cloud services as the main reasons for not making the transition.