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Centro de talentos

Sabemos lo que hace exitoso
los negocios digitales y tecnológicos:

Las Personas


ASER offers its customers a service to find best possible resources for their different needs while proposing an adaptable and cost transparent contracting option for an environment of dynamic requirements.

​Our experts will locate the specific talent to match your proyect needs. They will search in our pool of candidates, evaluate their skills and present to you those resources in the most productive manner.

​With our strategic talent consulting we will accelerate the increase in efficiency of the you team by skipping a detailed level of planning, while maintaining full flexibility and cost control.


ASER provides certified experts that can develop and/or support any innovative functionality that is required for your solution based on Best Practices. This outsourcing model offers an easy and inexpensive option that increases your ability to deliver on time and in budget.

Our proposition is a comprehensive offering of on-demand services for multiple applications, which will help you reduce cost and risks while increasing the efficiency of your project


Knowledge transfer is a critical part of managing change. Our experts can help build a training platform, generate custom content and provide training to build employee skills and facilitate consistent enterprise-wide adoption of your IT solution. Benefits of our comprehensive training include the ability of your staff to make the most effective use, consistent levels of staff understanding, and confident decision-making by trained staff.

​Our expert training ensures you get the most out of your solution investment, from proyect team training to technical instruction.