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Discovery & Evaluation Services

The time and investment required for evaluating an ERP solution and the impact it can have on your business is significant. Hence, organizations need to make fully informed decisions with respect to the scalability and suitability of an ERP solution to meet their business needs.

ASER guides its customers in identifying the most suitable SAP solutions for their industry and business, and then helps them evaluate and select the one that best meets their requirements.

Package Review, Evaluation and Selection Service benefit our customers by allowing them to make better, faster, and more cost-effective business decisions.

ASER’s Discovery and Evaluation Services include:

  • Solution Envisioning.

  • Business Case and Cost / Benefit Analysis.

  • Industry Best Practices Adoption.

  • Business Process Analysis – Arrive at goals, objectives and KPIs to measure progress.

  • IS Planning for SAP Implementation.

  • Gap Analysis and Fitment Analysis.

  • Migration Study.

  • Integration Study.

  • Project Scoping and Sizing.

Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

  • Facilitates global integration by bridging the barriers of currency exchange rates, language and culture.

  • Reduces data redundancy as updates need to be done only once for company-wide implementation.

  • Provides real-time information, reducing the possibility of redundancy errors.

  • Creates a more efficient work environment, making it easier for employees to perform their duties, thereby enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

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